Key Themes

Attend the Generative AI for Government Summit and get a complete toolkit that will allow you to navigate AI initiatives in your department or agency from start to finish while examining the critical issues you need to be across to maximise this game changing technology.

AI integration and infrastructure

  • Unlocking generative AI to allow intelligent data sharing amongst departments
  • Addressing the challenges of modernising legacy systems for future-ready governance
  • Cloud convergence: powering generative AI efficacy in public sector governance

Policy, ethics & governance

  • Ethical, surveillance, and preventing bias: how Generative AI is changing the game
  • Auditing AI for ethical and regulatory compliance
  • Developing transparent generative AI policies for public sector accountability

Service Innovation and Citizen Delivery

  • Spotlighting how generative AI will revolutionise public record keeping
  • Unleashing generative AI to enhance public sector fraud detection
  • Engaging with modern customers through the implementation of generative AI

Cross-Departmental Collaboration and Innovation

  • Using generative AI to craft a cohesive cybersecurity position through inter-agency collaboration
  • Centralising AI resources for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Navigating cross-departmental collaboration challenges and opportunities

Generative AI and the future of work

  • Increasing AI fluency in public service
  • Adapting to a Generative AI-powered public sector workplace

Futureproofing policy decisions

  • Crafting adaptive policies using generative AI powered simulations
  • Democratising policy design by using generative AI to integrate public insights

Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Leveraging generative AI to foster resilient disaster planning
  • Improving strategic crisis management with generative AI resource optimisation